ISSN: 2605-5244

Peer Review

All papers received for publication are first examined by the Editorial Board in order to verify whether they are in line with the focus of the Journal and meet the minimum requirements for publication.

Should a paper comply with the said conditions, the Editorial Board initiates then a double-blind peer-review proceeding. Both the author and reviewer identities are concealed from the author, and vice-versa, throughout the review process.

Reviewers will be selected using rotation criteria, their expertise in the field and language skills. They are expected to return an assessment form within the deadline set up by the Editorial Board. If the provided form is not sent in due time or no assessment is provided, the Editorial Board has the right to invite a new reviewer.

The Editorial Board will communicate the outcome of the assessment to the author, always ensuring the anonymity of the reviewers. If both assessments are positive, the paper will be published. If one or both assessments recommend revision, the journal will be published only after the author does it. The paper will not be published if one or both reviewers reject publication.

The Editorial Board may exceptionally decide to publish papers not submitted to the anonymous peer-review proceeding. This information will be made available on the first page of the paper, including the reasons why this decision has been taken.